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The struggle to teach writing is real.

Can you relate?

“I want students to engage in their writing.”

“My biggest challenge in teaching writing is trying to conference with all my students!"

“I feel like I am jumping around and my students never have the opportunity to master anything."

"My challenge is finding time to adapt activities for all my special needs students.”

"I have trouble finding resources."

You're not the only one!

Others have struggled ... including me.

After years of struggling to teach writing to my students and wasting time searching for resources ... I began to have a vision of a place ... a wonderful place ... where everything I needed to teach writing was found in one spot ...

Great news!

My vision has become a reality! The Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club is an ever-growing library of writing resources. It contains the resources you need to plan, teach, practice, and assess the writing of your students.

And the best part ... new materials and activities continue to be added on a weekly basis ...


End The Struggle.

Finding the resources you need to teach writing to your students can be a struggle. You need resources to:

  • plan for different learning needs.
  • teach different writing skills.
  • provide ample practice opportunities.
  • assess each student's writing.

You need tons of different resources.

Now imagine your life when teaching writing is easy.


Plan Your Lessons

Your planning just got easier! Within the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club you'll find:

  • editable daily and weekly lesson plans,
  • a year long writing plan,
  • lists of supports for the different learning needs in your classroom,
  • and MORE!

Imagine what your life will be like now that planning is easy!


Teach Writing Skills

Teaching your mini lessons and providing writing interventions just became easier! In the club are:

  • power points to teach specific skills,
  • hands on activities,
  • practice printables, etc.

With new materials being added on a regular basis, this will soon be your go-to section for introducing new writing skills and providing your students with extra practice. 


Provide Practice

Providing fun and engaging writing opportunities to your students is now super easy! Choose one of hundreds of resources that focus on:

  • narrative and opinion writing,
  • inquiry and report writing,
  • writing in the content areas, 
  • and so much MORE!

What will you do with the extra time in your life?


Assess Student Writing

Assessing student writing is easy when you have a plan and simple assessments. In the club is:

  • a simple assessment plan,
  • self, peer, and teacher assessments, 
  • rubrics,
  • and easy-to-use goal setting materials.

Get ready to have extra time in your life using this simple writing assessment strategy.


We Want To Make Your Life Easier

"I absolutely loved this project. I LOVED that I could print the reports based on their levels. I wanted the students to learn while they researched...and learning is what they did. WoW! Thank you!"

Lorna L.
Report Writing

"These are great and I love that it has so many options, we never get through them all which is nice because not every student has to all do the same. It makes reading those journals even more exciting. :)"

Jessica K.
Writing Prompts

"This resource is EXACTLY what I was looking for to teach an inquiry research project. AMAZING visuals and I greatly appreciate the black and white option :)"

TpT Seller
Inquiry Projects

You Can Easily Teach Writing To Your Students


Save planning time with instant access to hundreds of writing resources.


Download a writing activity and begin using in your classroom today.


Sit back and enjoy watching kids create writing masterpieces.

Join and You'll Have INSTANT ACCESS To ...

  • daily and yearly planning resources,
  • writing assessments and rubrics
  • goal setting materials,
  • ideas for supporting students with different learning needs,
  • hundreds of journal writing prompts,
  • themed narrative, informative, and opinion writing packages,
  • differentiated inquiry and report writing projects,

BONUS #1: Daily Writing Activities Membership

With the purchase of the Writing Teaching Roadmap Club, you'll receive access to the Daily Writing Activities Membership. This membership includes:

  • a new writing activity package on a different theme or topic that is uploaded into the membership every Monday.
  • all past, current, and future daily writing activity packages.
  • materials provided as both Google Slides and as no prep printables.

BONUS #2: Writing Teacher's Roadmap Course

As an additional bonus with your purchase you will receive the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Course. This course walks you through the three steps and five actions of the roadmap.

  • Step 1: Get Kids Writing
  • Step 2: Develop a Daily Writing Habit
  • Step 3: Keep Them Writing

All the resources and materials you need to work through each of these steps is included in the club.


BONUS #3: Inquiry Question of the Day BUNDLE

You will also receive the Inquiry Question of the Day BUNDLE when you join the club. There is a set of inquiry questions available for each month of the year. Questions are available as:

  • cut-and-paste inquiry questions,
  • a NO PREP booklet,
  • question cards, and
  • for rings.

There are over 300 questions to get your kids using inquiry today!


Simplify Your Writing Practices

Teaching writing can be full of challenges. You might not have a writing plan or curriculum to follow. You class has multiple student learning needs you need to address. You have no time to find writing resources. There is little time to conference individually with students. There are limited tools available to assess and track student writing.

Add in your planning and teaching of all the other subject areas and teaching writing can be simply overwhelming!

Life doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine life without these writing challenges.

You can be a confident teacher and make teaching writing easy by:

  • always knowing what to teach next.
  • easily planning lessons that target the specific needs of your students.
  • having all the resources you need at your fingertips.
  • using simple assessment tools to track student learning.

Join the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

No it's not a program or a curriculum. The Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club is a plan to support you with your writing program. It can be used alongside your current writing curriculum. The Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club includes the resources you need to implement the different steps and actions of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap. There is a sample 35-week curriculum included in the teacher resource section to get you started if needed.

As all the students in your classroom do not have the same learning needs, the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club is created to support you with the unique needs of the students in your classroom. The sample curriculum that's included helps you plan writing activities in your classroom.

Some teachers do not have a writing curriculum to follow. A 35-week sample curriculum is included that you can use. The sample curriculum provides a great starting point for planning your writing program. You can change and add to the curriculum as needed based on the learning needs of your students.

You do not need to start using the roadmap at the beginning of the school year. The best thing about the Writing Teacher's Roadmap is that you can begin using it at any point during the year. The beginning of the school year is a great time to begin using the roadmap ... but it can easily be implemented at anytime. If you are overwhelmed, frustrated or unsure of where to go next with your writing program, simply begin today … no matter what month or term you are in ... and work through as much of the Writing Teacher’s Roadmap as you can by the end of the school year.

With your membership, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Writing Teacher’s Roadmap Club and hundreds of resources. New resources are added to the club each week.

A weekly newsletter is sent out each Sunday and lets you know what new activities and resources have been added. In addition to writing activities, journal prompts, inquiry projects, and report writing packages, surprise BONUSES will also be uploaded into the club each month.

The refund policy is simple. There is a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on your purchase. It is important that the Writing Teacher’s Roadmap Club is right for you. If you don’t feel like the Writing Teacher’s Roadmap Club is helping you become a more confident writing teacher or isn’t supporting your students to become more fluent writers, simply email within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Your access to the Writing Teacher’s Roadmap Club, monthly bundles, and bonuses will remain current until the last day of your paid membership. Please be sure to download the resources you want before your membership expires.

You will have access to the Writing Teachers Roadmap Club until your membership expires. After that time, you will no longer have access to the course, club, and monthly bundles of materials. Please be sure to download all the materials and resources you want to keep before your membership expires.

Teaching Writing Is Made Easy

There is nothing more satisfying as a teacher than reading the pieces of writing your students create. Your satisfaction deepens when students actually apply the writing skills you have been working on in class.

With hundreds of writing resources at your fingertips, you can easily plan, teach, practice and assess the writing of your Grade 1, 2 and 3 students. Your students will become better writers and master the writing curriculum standards.

We know that our classrooms today are filled with students who have very different learning needs. The club is filled with resources that have differentiated templates that can easily be used to meet the diverse  learning needs of your students.

The resources are simple and easy-to-implement and will have you confidently teaching writing from the first download.

All the resources you need to teach your students writing are included in the club. You'll save time and energy deciding what to teach and scouring the internet for the "perfect" resources.

The Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club is available at a affordable cost to make it affordable to classroom teachers. 

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