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Have you ever ...

  • wondered what you should teach during your next writing lesson?
  • felt like your writing program was all over the place?
  • searched for ways to address the different learning needs of your students?
  • spent time looking for writing resources to use with your students?
  • wanted motivating writing activities that your students wanted to complete?

Great News! The Digital Writing Fast Lane Program is what you've been looking for.

Teaching Writing Can Be Easy

The Digital Writing Fast Lane Program is the perfect online resource for your writing program. Get ready to:

  • always know what to teach next.
  • have all the resources you need to teach writing.
  • motivate all the learners in your class with fun writing activities.

Have you ever wondered what you should teach next?

ALWAYS know the focus of your next writing lesson with ready-made teacher plans.

The Digital Writing Fast Lane has everything planned for you. 

Planning documents include:

  • weekly teaching plans for each of the three differentiated digital notebooks,
  • charts with phonics, language, and weekly writing focuses that are mapped out for the entire year, and
  • MORE!

Planning done. No need to wonder anymore! Grab that leash and take FIDO for a walk.


Are you tired of spending hours searching for writing resources to use with your students?

The Digital Writing Fast Lane has 40 weeks of done-for-you digital writing activities.

In each week you'll find three differentiated digital notebooks with:

  • phonics, language, and sentence writing activities,
  • vocabulary and inquiry questions for each day of the week,
  • a narrative, opinion, or informative writing activity with assessments, 
  • and MORE!

Resources found. No more wasted hours. Brew that cup of tea (or coffee) and have some 'me' time.


Do you want motivating activities that your students will be excited to complete?

The Digital Writing Fast Lane Program has:

  • fun topics that grab students' attention,
  • engaging writing projects that students want to complete, and
  • a variety of writing activities to keep students interested.

Motivation of students achieved. Open that sock drawer and finally get it organized.


Each Digital Notebook Includes:

  • a teaching plan for each of week of the program so you don't need to wonder what to teach next,
  • a learning path that students can follow and use as a checklist of completed activities,
  • 5 journal writing activities so students can practice their writing skills each day,
  • 1 phonics Google Slides activity that systematically works through different phonics skills,
  • 1 language Google Slides activity for students to practice a set sequence of activities,
  • 5 vocabulary word of the day activities,
  • 1 sentence writing activity that encourages students to use various capitalization, punctuation, spelling and other writing skills,
  • 5 inquiry question of the day activities to give students the opportunity to practice their research skills, and
  • 1 narrative, opinion or informative writing activity with self, peer, and teacher assessments to provide students with the opportunity to practice the different types of writing.

Choose the digital notebook and writing activities that best meet the individual learning needs of each of your students.

Program Release Dates

Check out the release dates for the weekly themes. Once all the resources are released, you'll have lifetime access to all the materials.

Who Is The Digital Writing Program For?

The Digital Writing Fast Lane program is for:

  • Grade 1, 2, and 3 classroom teachers who teach online or in the classroom and want a writing program as the foundation for their teaching,
  • distance learning and providing students with digital writing activities to help them become better writers,
  • blended learning when teachers want a digital writing program supplemented with hands-on writing activities,
  • homeschool parents who want a systematic approach to teaching writing to their students, AND
  • parents who want to provide their children with extra writing practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Writing Fast Lane program is aligned with the common core standards. It addresses a wide variety of phonics and language skills, along with different narrative, opinion, and informative writing skills. Be sure to compare the program to your school’s writing curriculum to determine if additional resources are needed.

The Digital Writing Fast Lane program contains 40 weeks of digital writing activities. Each week includes 3 differentiated digital notebooks and a teaching plan.

I would recommend using the program in order your first time through it. It was created to systematically work through the weeks in order from Week 1 to Week 40. However, once you are familiar with the program, you may decide to change up the order based on when you want to introduce specific phonics, language, or writing skills to your students.

Your purchase gives you lifetime access to the 40 weeks of digital notebooks in the program and any additional resources that may be added.

The refund policy is simple. There is a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on your purchase. It is important that the Digital Writing Fast Lane program is right for you. If you don’t feel like the Digital Writing Fast Lane has the resources you need to help your students become better writers, simply email me at [email protected] within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.


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