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5 Easy Ways To Use FREE Writing Choice Boards

Want an easy-to-use activity for students to use to practice their writing? Students can develop their writing skills by using the options on these choice boards. Assign squares to students or let your students choose the activities they want to complete.

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide

If you are following the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide, the writing choice boards are perfect for Action B - Practicing Writing. The goal...

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How To Teach Kids To Write Using Dinosaurs

Students absolutely LOVE dinosaurs! Check out how to teach your kids to write using these 5 fun and engaging writing prompts about dinosaurs. Use their love of dinosaurs to make writing a daily habit in your classroom.

Even if dinosaurs aren't their "thing," most kids can usually think about how great it would be to have a dinosaur for a pet or what they would do if a dinosaur showed up in their backyard. 

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide

If you are following...

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Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started FREEBIE

The Writing Teacher's Roadmap is a simple, easy-to-use plan for planning, teaching, and assessing the writing of your students.