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How To Use Growing Up Writing Prompts To Get Kids Writing

Kids have many different experiences growing up. Use these experiences to get kids writing!

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If you are following the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guidethe Outer Space writing prompts are perfect for Step Two - Make Daily Writing a Habit. The goal of Step Two is to establish a writing routine in your classroom so students spend time writing everyday. Writing prompts are the perfect resource for a daily writing routine.

What Are Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts are ideas or topics that students can use to write about. You can use writing prompts each day to establish a writing routine with your students. Writing prompts include a number of questions to help students think about the topic.

Why Use Writing Prompts In Your Classroom?

Writing prompts are a great way to get your students writing. They help students to:

  • think of ideas to write about,
  • practice using different writing skills,
  • create pieces of writing they can be proud of, and 
  • help students grow as writers.

Steps To Using Writing Prompts:

  1. Students choose a writing prompt. Provide your students with a choice of 2 or 3 prompts. I like to provide students with two writing prompts and then offer them their "own choice of topic" as a third option. By offering these choices, every student in your class will have something to write about.
  2. Discuss the target questions for each prompt. As you talk about the different questions, your students will get ideas they can use in their writing.
  3. Students write about the prompt. Encourage students to write as much as they can about the writing prompt.

Growing Up Writing Prompts Include: 

Use these writing prompts in your classroom to get your kids writing.

  • Life As a Baby - What is life like as a baby? Do you think it is awesome to be a baby? Why or why not? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Favorite Memory - What is your best memory of your entire life? Why is it your best memory? Write about it.
  • Perfect Day - Plan a perfect day with your family. What would you do first? What would you do next? Provide details.
  • Chores - What chores do you like doing? What chores do you dislike doing? Do you think children should have to do chores? Why or why not?
  • Job In The Future - What do you want to be when you grow up? Why did you make this choice? Give reasons for your answer.

How To Differentiate The Writing Prompts:

You can differentiate the use of the writing prompts by:

  • scribing for students who have trouble writing.
  • pairing up students to write about the journal prompts.
  • providing students with sentence starters that answer the target questions.
  • letting students who struggle with writing output use talk to text for their stories.

Options for using the writing prompts include:

  • projecting the prompts on the white board and letting students choose the prompt they want to write about.
  • creating cut-and-paste writing prompts for the different writing ideas. Students choose the prompt they want to write about and glue it into their journals.
  • adding the prompts to a binder or duotang in a writing center so students can write about the prompts in their spare time. The writing prompts help students develop their narrative writing and opinion writing skills.

DIY or Ready-Made?

You can easily create your own set of writing prompts to use as a part of your daily writing routine. By creating a bank of writing prompts, you'll always have ideas ready for your kids to use. Get your set of writing prompts started with this Growing Up Writing Prompts FREEBIE.

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The prompts are available as:

  • cut-and-paste,
  • no prep booklets,
  • prompts for rings,
  • print and go pages, and 
  • writing center cards.

The growing up writing prompts are a part of the Writing Prompts of the Week Club and the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club.

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Happy writing!

Until next time,

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