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How To Plan Inquiry Lessons Your Students Will Love

Do you struggle with teaching inquiry to your students? Are you unsure of how to get started? Do you want your Grade 1 to 3 students make eye-popping projects quickly and easily? Begin teaching inquiry to your students with this FREE inquiry planning guide. 

What is Inquiry?

To me, inquiry means to ask questions and find answers.

Why Teach the Inquiry Process?

If kids can ask questions and know how to discover answers, they will be more successful in school.

And later in life.

Easily Plan Your Inquiry Lesson

Teaching inquiry can be EASY!

It’s all in how you plan!

You have three choices …

  1. Spend HOURS on the internet as you scour for great ideas and strategies on how to teach it.
  2. Use trial-and-error and teach MANY LESSONS to figure out how to use it with your students.
  3. Save TIME as you plan with this handy-dandy Inquiry Planning Guide

Use this guide to plan inquiry projects that your students will love to complete and be proud to show off!

The Inquiry Planning Guide is a part of the Touch of Honey FREEBIE Library.

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Use the inquiry planning guide to begin teaching inquiry to your students or to teach the next inquiry lesson to your students.

The Inquiry Planning Guide

The guide focuses on seven areas. Here are a couple sample questions to think about in each of the different areas. Download the guide for the complete set of planning questions.

  1. Determine Inquiry Questions
    • How will I get my students to generate their inquiry questions?
    • Will students keep an inquiry notebook of questions they would like to research?
  2. Research Questions
    • Will students each research their own questions or work with a partner or in a small group?
    • If students work with a partner or small group, will they focus on the same questions or will each student research their own questions but support each other with the process?
  3. Provide Sources of Information
    • What sources will the students use to find their information?
    • How many sources do I want students to use?
  4. Gather Information
    • How will students record the information they find?
    • Do I want my students to use the writing process or just turn in their findings?
  5. Share Learning 
    • How will my students share their findings?
    • What materials/templates/graphic organizers do I need?
  6. Assess Learning
    • Will I assess this inquiry project?
    • Do I want students to do self and peer assessments?
  7. Other Considerations 
    • What other things do I need to think or prepare before I begin using the inquiry process with my students?

Don’t get scared away by the number of questions. I’ve tried to include every possibility and every option so once you have gone through the guide, your plan will be complete.

DIY Options For Teaching Inquiry:

Options for using inquiry include:

  • Brainstorm a list of inquiry questions and keep them posted in your classroom.
  • Provide students with a list of possible projects they can create to demonstrate their learning.
  • Create assessments and rubrics to show how students are progressing with the inquiry process.

Get Ready-Made Inquiry Projects To Save Time And Get Your Students Started With Inquiry Today

Ready-to-use Inquiry projects are available on TeachersPayTeachers. Projects are available on the following topics:

The following materials are included in each inquiry project:

  • 9 Sample Inquiry Questions and Blank Templates
  • Research Templates (with primary and regular lines)
  • Class Book Templates (with primary and regular lines)
  • Inquiry Is ... and I Wonder ... Posters
  • Steps to Writing An Inquiry Posters
  • Presentation Ideas Poster
  • Self, Peer, and Teacher Assessments (with happy faces and 4 point scale)
  • 2 Rubrics

Interested in a number of inquiry projects? All the above projects are a part of the Inquiry Based Learning Projects BUNDLE.

The inquiry projects listed in this blogpost are all a part of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club. Do not purchase if you are a part of the club.

Happy writing!

Until next time,


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