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How To Get Kids To Write Using Acts of Kindness

Do you have students who are reluctant to write? Do you feel like no matter what you do, you have kids who simply refuse to put words down on the page? Use acts of kindness writing activity to engage and motivate students and get them writing.

The Acts of Kindness Ten Minute Writing Activity gets your students thinking of ways they can be kind to others and then gets them writing about it.

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide

If you are following the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide, the Acts of Kindness writing activity is perfect for Step One - Get Kids Writing.The goal of Step One is to have all your students begin writing as easily as possible. Ten minute writing activities are one way to achieve this goal. They are fun, engaging writing ideas that can be used to support EAL students, reluctant writers, beginning writers, writers who need a challenge, and more.

What Are Ten Minute Writing Activities?

Ten minute writing activities are quick, easy-to-implement writing activities you can complete with your students whenever you have ten to fifteen spare minutes in class. They can also be used as a warm up to begin your writing classes. Each activity includes a writing idea that can be completed in a short period of time. 

Find out more about ten minute writing activities by reading How To Use Fun Writing Activities For Kids.

Why Use Ten Minute Writing Activities?

Use ten minute writing activities to get kids writing. These activities provide students with an opportunity to practice different writing skills.

The quick, fun nature of these writing activities is especially useful in motivating students who:

  • struggle with coming up with ideas,
  • have trouble getting their ideas down on the page, or
  • who have trouble staying focused.

Steps To Use Acts of Kindness Writing Activity

  1. Give each student a piece of scrap paper or an ‘Acts of Kindness’ template.
  2. If students are using scrap paper, have them fold the paper in half and then open it up.
  3. Tell the students to print 5 ideas they have for being kind to someone on the left side of their paper or in the left column of the template.
  4. Give students 2 - 3 minutes to complete this part of the activity.
  5. After students are finished, have them circulate around the room. Students meet up with a classmate and ‘give’ one of their ideas to their classmate and ‘get’ one in return.
  6. Students can only get one idea from each classmate.
  7. After meeting with 5 classmates, students return to their seats.

DIY or Ready-Made?

You can easily create the animal web activity. Use this activity to begin a collection of ten minute writing activities. Keep these activities in an easy-to-access spot so you'll always have them at your fingertips and ready-to-use. Be sure to add the Sticky Note Travel Story FREEBIE to your collection.

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No time to create activities?

If you want to save time and have instant access to the Acts of Kindness writing activity and many other ten minute writing activities, check out the Ten Minute Writing Activities Growing Bundle.

Each ten minute writing activity provides:

  • a teacher notes sheet to explain the activity and outline the different steps and extension option ideas for the activity in detail,
  • graphic organizers to complete the activity, and
  • draft and final copy templates for your students to use if you decide to extend the ten minute writing activity and work through the writing process.

The ten minute writing activities can be used with all the students in your class to get them writing. 

Materials shown in this blogpost are from the Ten Minute Writing Activities Growing Bundle on TeachersPayTeachers and as part of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club

Happy writing!

Until next time,

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