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How To Get Kids To Write - Day 3

Looking for ways to get your kids writing? Get your students using their imagination as they write about an interview with a ladybug. Students imagine they meet a ladybug that can talk. They think of questions that they would like to ask the ladybug.

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide

If you're following the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide, today's activity focuses on Step One: Get Kids Writing. The goal of step one is simply to get kids to write.

Writing Activity - Ladybug Interview

This activity focuses on students coming up with questions they would ask a ladybug if they met one that could talk.

Materials Needed:

  • scrap paper
  • pencils

Writing Activity Steps:

  1. Give each student a scrap piece of paper.
  2. Tell students they are going to interview a ladybug that can talk.
  3. Students need to think about what questions they would like to ask the ladybug.
  4. They write down the three questions on their scrap paper.

** This activity could easily be done at home. All students would need is a piece of paper and a pencil.

Ladybug Interview Questions

I would love to hear how this activity went in your class and see some of the ladybug interview questions your students came up with. Tag me on Instagram @teachingwithatouchofhoney or share on the Facebook page.

Extend the Activity

If you want to extend this writing activity, get your kids to write about their first encounter with the talking ladybug. Ask them to write a story about the day they met a talking ladybug. Students can work through the writing process - writing a draft story, revising and editing, and writing a final copy.

** Want a copy of the ladybug three question interview templates? The templates shown in this blogpost are part of the Ladybug Three Question Interview templates found in Day Three of the FREE Get Your Kids Writing Challenge. The Get Your Kids Writing Challenge focuses on Step One of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide.

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club Members

If you're a member of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club you'll want to:

  • grab your detailed lesson plan.
    • Go To Plan - Lesson Plans: Daily - Lesson 3
  • get the templates for extending the dragon description and writing drafts and final copies.
    • Go To Practice - Ten Minute Writing Activities - Ladybug Three Question Interview


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P.S. Many teachers are overwhelmed with teaching writing to their students. The Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club contains everything you need to become confident in teaching your students to become better writers.


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