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How To Get Kids To Write - Day 1

Are you a Grade 1, 2, or 3 teacher who is teaching writing in the classroom or through distance learning? Do you want ideas that your parents can do at home with their kids? Do you find yourself always searching for writing ideas? 

If you answered, "YES!" to any of these questions, this blogpost series is for you.

Each day from Monday to Friday I'll be posting easy-to-follow writing lesson plans. The lesson plans all follow a similar structure so you can easily use them with your students.

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide

If you're following the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide, today's activity focuses on Step One: Get Kids Writing. The goal of step one is simply to get kids to write.

Now, let's get started ....

Writing Activity - Favorite Pet Sticky Note Story

Sticky note stories are always fun for kids to use. They like to write on sticky notes. Some kids like them because the writing surface is smaller while others like the sticky notes because it's a change from using their regular writing paper.

 Materials Needed:

  • sticky notes or small pieces of paper
  • pencils
  • crayons, pencil crayons, or markers

Writing Activity Steps:

  1. Provide each student with a sticky note or a small piece of paper.
  2. Give the sentence starter, "If I could have any animal for a pet I would like a _______________ because ...
  3. Your kids can write about a real pet like a dog or cat or an exotic pet like an elephant or a monkey.
  4. I like to provide an example to get kids thinking outside the box. Two of my favorite examples are, "If I could have any animal for a pet I would like a dog because I like to watch movies and my dog could cuddle up with me while I watch my movies." and "If I could have any animal for a pet I would like an elephant because he could follow me around all summer and give me showers to cool me off when I get too hot." 
  5. Discuss different options with your students to get them thinking and then have them write their own one sentence sticky note story. If you're completing this activity in class, write down student ideas on a sheet of chart paper or on the white board. Students that need help can refer to these ideas when writing their own sticky note pet stories.
  6. When finished, kids flip over the sticky notes or pieces of paper and draw pictures of the pet they wrote about in their story.

** This activity could easily be done at home. Parents could provide pieces of paper or sticky notes to their children and have them write sticky note stories.

Share The Sticky Note Stories

Share the sticky note pet stories your students create! Tag me on Instagram @teachingwithatouchofhoney or share on the Teaching With a Touch of Honey Facebook page.

Extend the Writing Activity

If you want to extend the writing activity, ask your kids to expand on their story. After they finish writing their story, they can work through the writing process. Students can edit their stories for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling corrections. Then can then make a good copy of their writing and draw a picture to illustrate their story.

** Want a copy of these templates? The templates shown in this blogpost are part of the Sticky Note Pet Story templates found in Day One of the FREE Get Your Kids Writing Challenge. The Get Your Kids Writing Challenge focuses on Step One of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Get Started Guide.

Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club Members

If you're a member of the Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club you can:

  • grab your detailed lesson plan.
    • Go To Plan - Lesson Plans: Daily - Lesson 1
  • get the templates for extending the sticky note story and writing drafts and final copies.
    • Go To Practice - Ten Minute Writing Activities - Sticky Note Pet Story

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Until next time,

P.S. Many teachers are overwhelmed with teaching writing to their students. The Writing Teacher's Roadmap Club contains everything you need to become confident in teaching your students to become better writers.


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